Velvet Icecream

To make enjoyable ice cream experiences affordable and available to all.

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Velvet Icecream


To make enjoyable ice cream experiences affordable and available to all.

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About Us

The Dager family has been making Velvet Ice Creamsince 1914. Still using only the freshest cream and finest ingredients, Velvet’s Old-Fashioned Ice Creamis a lasting favorite for generations of families.

Over the years, Velvet Ice Cream has become known in the dairy industry as a pioneer in the manufacturing and marketing of quality ice creams.

Our History

Under the leadership of Joe and Mike Dager Velvet Ice Cream has come a long way from the old Velvet Ice Cream store shown in the picture below. Now known as “Ohio’s Ice Cream Capital”, Velvet distributes its product to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and West Virginia.

Family owned and operated since 1914, this fourth generation of Dagers has helped to bring the once hand-cranked ice cream operation into the 21st century.

Our Flavors

Vanilla Lovers' Trio

“Vanilla Lovers’ Trio” blends a mixture of Original Vanilla, Olde Tyme Vanilla, and Homemade Vanilla into a creamy ice cream treat!

No Sugar Added Light

The new No Sugar Added Light Ice Cream is a great alternative for diabetics. Using the sweetening power of a sugar-based sweetener, you won’t be able to tell the difference between this and regular ice cream!

Raspberry Fudge Cordinal

Combined with Black Raspberry Ice Cream, Ryba’s Mackinac Island Fudge, and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cups, this flavor is destined to be a favorite!

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