Many of us love butterscotch ice cream. But, wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t have to run to the store or the ice cream parlour every time to get a scoop of butterscotch ice cream? That’s why we have here an easy to make butterscotch ice cream at home recipe. Follow the instructions and you will not have to run outdoors every time you need your beloved flavour of ice cream.

Required Ingredient

1 cup filled with brown sugar till the brim

2 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups of whipped cream

2 cups filled to half (light cream)

6 large eggs with yolks

Step number 1- In a medium sized pan, not too large and not too small pour the cup of brown sugar entirely, add the two tablespoons of butter and the one tablespoon of vanilla. Stir the mixture on a medium flame until the butter completely melts in the pan and the sugar dissolves. You will notice that the mixture will start bubbling after 3-4 minutes. Then add only half cup of whipped cream (½) and stir again until the mixture is smooth. Then remove the pan from the stove.

Butterscotch Ice Cream

Step number 2- In a pan slightly larger than the previous one, add the 2 cups of half-filled light cream and the rest of the whipped cream again on a medium heat flame after a few minutes bring it to a simmer and leave it on for a while.

Step number 3- After that is done. Beat the egg yolks you have to a blend, Beat it lightly and not too hard because remember you are not making an omelet. So beat it lightly and then add the cream mixture to the egg yolk blend and mix it for a bit. Then pour this mixture onto a pan and heat it over a low flame. Heat it just for 3-4 minutes until it is slightly thickened. Remember to not thicken it too much. If you see its is thickening too much remove it from the heat immediately.

Step 4- Take the slightly thickened mixture and pour it through a fine strainer into a clean bowl and then whisk in the earlier made butterscotch mixture. Keep it in the freezer, well-covered for at least an entire day or you can refrigerate it for 2 hours by stirring it occasionally.

There, your homemade ice cream is ready. You can scoop away gleefully, now.