Ice Creams are one of the most favorite deserts for many people all over the world. Every country has its spin on these delicious desserts. Ice creams have been around for a long time. It is said that the history of ice cream began in China over 3000 years ago. The Chinese Emperors mixed mountain snow with fruits and ate it as their deserts. Emperors in Rome also have had these frozen delights. Slaves were sent to get snow from the mountains and which was then mixed with honey, fruit pulp, and nectar. It is believed that Marco Polo had brought the ice cream recipe to Europe from the Eastern countries in the 13th century.

Ice Cream

References to Ice creams in the past:

While many believe that Marco Polo introduced ice cream recipe to Italy, Catherine de Medici is said to have introduced the desert to France when she was reallocated to marry King Henry II. In the Bible, it is recorded that King Solomon enjoyed cooling iced drinks. In ancient Greece, Alexander the Great enjoyed icy drinks mixed with honey and wine. King Nero of Rome harvested snow and preserved it in deep pits which were covered with straw.

Only in the Tang dynasty which was from 618 to 907AD, people had started to eat frozen milk. Goat, cow or buffalo milk that was heated with flour and aromatic substances were added to the milk to enhance the texture and flavor. The milk mixture was then poured into tubes and frozen in an ice pool. A similar procedure was followed in India, and it was called as Kulfi.


The ice cream waffle cone was invented at the beginning of 20th century. In the same year, a kid in American accidentally discovered icicles. The boy had left a glass filled with water and soda with a stirring stick overnight on the terrace outside his home. On the next day, the boy found the glass which he had forgotten the previous day on his terrace had frozen in the cold. When he tasted it, it was delicious and the cold night had created a juicy “icicle” with a nice fruity flavor.

Eskimo pie ice cream:

The Eskimo pie ice cream also has a peculiar history. An ice cream seller in America in the year 1934 had covered ice cream in chocolate. Initially, Eskimo ice cream bars were called as I scream as both ice cream and I scream sounded the same.

Ice creams in WWII:

During the World War II, Ice creams became a more edible symbol. It is known that each military troop was known to outdo the other branch in serving ice creams. In the year 1945, floating ice cream pallor was built for the sailors in Western Pacific. After the war, the dairy product rationing was lifted. So America celebrated its victory with ice cream. By the year 1946, it is said that Americans alone consumed about 20 quarts of ice cream per person.