Have you ever wondered why heart breaks and ice cream go hand-in-hand; well now we have the answer. But before we get to the crux of the story; let’s take a stroll down memory lane. It is a hot summer afternoon, and you have just finished playing with your friends from the neighbourhood. You decide to go out and have some ice cream and the minute you eat ice cream everything around you turns to absolute bliss. Or a better scenario to lay the foundation for this article would be a break-up; you get your heart broken, you are filled with pain and the minute you crash on the couch with a tub of ice cream, things start to feel okay. We are sure you must have experienced at least one of these scenarios. Well without further ado.

Ice cream has been proved by researchers to be the cure for sadness. A recent study involved researchers to study the Brain activity of 12 non-obese people. As a foundation; each participant was made to listen to sad classical music to incite sadness, and this was reflected in their brain activity. The researchers then introduced fatty solutions into the stomach to half the sample and salty solutions to the other 6. A significant difference in brain activity was seen among people who had fatty solutions introduced to their stomachs. The results were conclusive, but they cannot be generalised due to the small sample number. But we feel that this is the right step in reaffirming the correlation between comfort food and happiness or rather establish the scientific reason behind calling comfort food as such.


The internet is raging about the study and people are coming out and saying that science has finally caught up with human emotion. But let’s look at the broader aspect of things at hand here; ice cream has long been associated with goodness. The relationship at best was a marketing ploy that was deployed to improve and sustain growth of the market. The question then arises whether ice cream or fatty foods improve our emotional condition or whether we have for the longest of time associated such foods with comfort. Most people would not explore this side of the story and would rather take the study on its face value. On its face value; the study confirms that fatty foods and in particular ice cream makes us feel better. The underlying question that needs to be answered is whether that link is scientifically absolute or whether it is because of conditioning. Or in other terms, science has yet to establish whether the correlation is due to physiological or psychological reasons. Well, whatever is the case; we are going to go grab a tub of ice cream because all this talk about ice cream has made us craving for some.