Ice cream is something which is loved by everyone. It makes the perfect dessert, and ice creams have this magical sparkle in which makes everyone happy. When we were children we tend to like certain things and have cravings for a particular food item, but when we grew up we lose our interests to it and have cravings to other food items, but the same is not applicable when it comes to ice creams. Both children and adults love ice cream, and it is something which no one can ever resist. There are plenty of ice cream flavours, and all of us are quite choosy about the flavour we pick. So do you want to hear what your ice cream flavour says about you? Keep reading the article.

Chocolate chip:

If you happen to be a chocolate chip lover, you tend to more competitive and also try to accomplish all your goals. Chocolate chip lovers are also hard workers and strive hard to complete all the tasks that they have in their mind. However, their success doesn’t come that easy, but they never give up achieving what they want. Chocolate chip lovers are also generous and kind especially when it comes to money and time.


Most of have the idea that people who choose vanilla are boring and they have no colours in their life, but people who choose vanilla are some of the most thrilling people you will ever meet. They are filled with, mystery and you will love them once you get to know them. They might turn out to be a little emotional, but they are extremely friendly and caring. They believe in themselves and try to meet their goals even when nothing might seem possible.


Strawberry lovers are very polite and kind. They are also logical and try to analyse everything before making any decision. They do not easily commit to a relationship and but they are one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. Strawberry flavour lovers are quite firm when they say something, and they come to a conclusion only after carefully analysing every possibility.



The people who love butterscotch are devoted to what they do. They are trustworthy and faithful. Butterscotch lovers also respect others and can get offended easily when someone hurts their feelings. Sharing their personal thoughts and feelings are one of the hardest things for them to do and they keep their opinions to themselves or share it only with their close friends and family.


Pistachio lovers are dramatic, lively and fun to be around but they can also get a bit fussy at times. They are focused and passion oriented. They are friendly but will do anything to achieve their dreams.